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Craviotto Stacked Solid Snare

Craviotto Stacked Solid Snare

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 Innovative, revolutionary, and unique, Craviotto Stacked Solid snare drums and drum sets provide drummers the opportunity to create an instrument that truly achieves their imagined drum sound. Totally customizable and entirely handmade to your exacting specifications, each Craviotto Stacked Solid Shell drum is as unique as the artist playing it.

 By creating a solid shell drum comprised of two or more tone woods, Craviotto Drum Company has expanded the tonal spectrum and has opened a new world of color possibilities to drummers. Stacked Solid drums represent both a visual and sonic works of art. By creating your own unique Stacked Solid drum set or snare drum, you’ll begin the musical journey of discovering new and uncharted sounds, textures, and colors making you as unique as the instrument you’re playing. 

Shipping and duties extra at time of order. Please contact us for details.

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