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Craviotto Titanium Solitaire Snare Drum

Craviotto Titanium Solitaire Snare Drum

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Lustrous, light and lively describe our new limited edition offering in the coveted Solitaire series, our Titanium Solitaire. Limited to only 25 pieces worldwide, the Titanium Solitaire is as precious as the metal used in creating it.

To begin, Craviotto has sourced US made Aerospace-grade Titanium. If it can handle flying at peak altitudes in extreme conditions, we know it can soar on 2 and 4. We've perforated the Titanium directly in the middle of the shell, using our signature Walnut inlay as the muse. The result is decidedly distinctive Craviotto character with an expansive range and lively tone. The versatility and tenability is so impressive, we're only offering it in one size - 6" x 14".

It's not surpassing that a drum of this magnitude can ascend to uncharted musical altitudes. Why fly under the radar? Up your musical game and give our Ti a try.

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