Evatek Flykit

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How heavy is the Evatek Fly Kit (M size) inside the Evatek (M size) bag?
Evatek M Size: About 2kg (not including the foam lining and inside shell) – Handpan: 4 – 5 Kg – Evatek FlyKit: 3.8 – 4kg max – Evatek FlyKit + Handpan: 11 – 12kg – The Evatek Fly Kit is a lightweight product that boasts protection and strength.
Evatek Fly Product inc:
1  FlyKit + Foam 2cm + 2 Special Edge Safety o’ring.*
*All O-Ring will be connected whit Glue from our Company. flyKit is only compatible whit Evatek Medium size bag.