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Evatek Hand Pan Case

Evatek Hand Pan Case

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Available by special order only ; EVATEK is not a Simple Bag. With a thickness of almost 1 cm Evatek is shock resistant and even highly protected against accidental falls from several meters in height. The material that makes up Evatek also allows to dissipate any vibration and recoil from the outside. That’s why this is the most reliable Case-Bag on the market. 

EVATEK is 100% Waterproof. We guarantee that the contents will be safe and permanently dry even in the case of an influx of water. The waterproof zips offer protection also in the area of lateral opening. Moisture is a problem and we’ve resolved that finally without having to use additional external enclosures.

EVATEK is Stain ResistantCovered with High Tenacity Polyester, this type of Case-Bag is resistant to stains, protected against everyday dirt in general. Stains can be removed with a damp sponge using a mild soap or plain water. Restoring the Case-Bag to its original state in no time.

EVATEK and its Internal Protection SystemEasy Connection Foam is a high-density foam that covers evenly throughout the interior of Evatek. The instrument is wrapped 360° without creating any pressure on the notes. Our ECF is distributed on all the inner surface, and cushions all the weight of the instrument, so to ensure total protection in case of an accidental fall. The connection is simplified without the aid of glue or velcro. Replacement of the ECF is extremely simple, fast and is always available for repur-chase.

EVATEK is Designed for Handpan Players Everything was designed to address the needs of street performers and touring musicians. The outer pouch, located on each Evatek, has two snap-hooks for quick coupling to connect the two carabiner placed on the bag. Excellent solution for transporting music CDs, water and various accessories. Size: L 60 x 27 x 16 CM – Weight: 200gr 100%

Polyester, antibacterial and waterproof.

EVATEK is Compatible with all the Handpans of the WorldUsing two different thicknesses of Easy Connection Foam and two different measurements of Evatek, we made it possible to transport with maximum safety, of all instruments of the world. From the smallest to the largest, the security parameters are the same.

EVATEK is yours. With the 2nd Generation Evatek, you can professionally style, customize and design your own Case-Bag. Our new waterproof 3D logo in resin will accompany you on all your trips. Select the logo you like from our designs or create your own and send it to us. You will receive your per-sonalized Evatek directly from our company. Alternatively, with three simple steps, you can re-move our logo and replace it with the new one to be ordered separately (Video tutorial).

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