Sonor Special Edition Bop Drum Set

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5" x 14" Snare Drum, 8" x 10" Tom, 12" x 14" Floor Tom, 16" x 16" Bass Drum
Shell Pack. Tom Mount included

Uncompromised Sound. Compact Size. 

Introducing the Safari Special Edition, the kit with uncompromised sound and compact size.

Cross-Laminated shells deliver superior stiffness, sonically pleasing resonance and spectacular tone. Tune Safe equipped lugs ensure that the tuning stays in place.

The Safari Shell kit comes with an 16'' x 16'' Bass Drum (with Mount & Riser), 10'' x 8'' Tom Tom, 14'' x 12'' Floor Tom, 14'' x 5'' Snare Drum and a single tom holder (hardware stands & cymbals not included). 

TuneSafe – Right in Tune, 100% of the Time!

All SONOR lugs are equipped with the TuneSafe feature, which prevents tension rods from loosening during hard rim shots or where batter heads have been loosely tuned.