Rogers 1960's Holiday Outfit

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Rogers 1960's Holiday Outfit

Rogers 1960's Holiday Outfit

Pink Champagne Pearl - Super rare!!


8" x 12" Tom (serial # 35448), 14" x 14" Floor tom (serial # 35376), 14" x 18" Bass Drum (serial # 35062) 

with matching Powertone 5" x 14" Snare (serial # 1840) - "Clockface" Strainer and original Rogers wires

Made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

All "Bread and Butter" lugs have been replaced with chrome/steel USA replicas!

"Tall hoops" on snare and toms. Bass drum has some scuff on pedal side.

Otherwise all original

Swivomatic single tom mount, disappearing cymbal holder and collets.

The shell finish is in exquisite condition! The internal tone controls - snare and toms - have some play (typical) but tighten up nicely once engaged.

Cymbals & hardware ("swan leg") sold separately




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