The Bubba Gump Collection

The Bubba Gump Collection

For twenty years Neil Peart and his drum technician, Lorne "Gump" Wheaton were at the pinnacle of presenting the very best in rock drumming performance.

Known affectionately as Neil "Bubba" Peart, by bandmates and the stage crew family, together, they became "Bubba Gump".

Through all the album concepts; the drumsets, the snare drums, and the cymbals became the reference for the best in drumming design, pure sonic power and incredible inspiration.

There are no comparisons!

Together, Soul Drums and "Bubba Gump" are offering the best known snares and drums from the Test for Echo era, Vapor Trails, Snakes and Arrows, Clockwork Angels and the R40 tours.

These incredible instruments represent the art, history and science of modern rock drumming and celebrate the legacy of a true master.

*photo credit Craig Renwick

DW EDGE Red Sparkle Lacquer/Brass 6" x 14" Snare

The DW EDGE Red Sparkle Lacquer/Brass 6" x 14" snare, custom built in 1996, became the replacement for Neil’s beloved Slingerland 5.5" x 14" ("The old number one!"). This snare recorded and toured Test for Echo (1996-1997), Vapor Trails (2001-2002) and SARStock, Toronto, July 2003. The SARStock Concert is the largest outdoor ticketed event in Canadian history - between 450,000 and 500,00 attended. The original head from the concert is signed by Gump to Bubba (Lorne was on tour with Steely Dan at the time).


DW EDGE Snakes and Arrows 6.5" x 14" Aluminum/Maple and DW VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) 6.5" x 14" 12 ply Maple Snare Drums 

The DW EDGE Snakes and Arrows 6.5" x 14" Aluminum/Maple and the DW VLT( Vertical Low Timbre) 6.5" x 14" 12 ply Maple Snare drums toured USA, Canada and Europe from June 13th 2007 to July 24th 2008 - over 120 dates! These snares were also recorded for the Snakes and Arrows double live album (April 2008) and  for Clockwork Angels (Caravan, BU2B) in 2010.

The exquisite "Aztec Red Snakes and Arrows" finish was designed by Neil and Hugh Syme ("snake and arrow" gold leaf and metallic satin over the Aztec Red) and customized by DW’s master painter Louie Garcia. Both of these drums were used equally on tour and were designated as "A" drum and "B" drum. Lorne (Gump) and the Rush production team would determine which drum worked the best in outdoor stadiums and indoor arenas - a game-day decision. DW has graciously provided custom cases for these models as well, Promark "Snakes and Arrows" tour sticks are included.



DW "EL Darko" Concert Toms

Neil Peart’s DW "EL Darko" Concert Toms from the R40 tour were built as replicas of Neil’s classic Slingerland kit from the 1970’s. DW handcrafted these 4 toms from 1500 year old Romanian Bog Oak and finished in Black Chrome lacquer. The 6", 8", 10" and 12" concert toms were used for the first time since the mid ‘80’s Power Windows Tama drumset. In the R40 tour, they were used in the later show for all the material from Moving Pictures and earlier. The R40 tour went from May 2015 - August 2015.




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