The Rarest Snare Drum in the World : In Conclusion

Billy Gladstone 6x14 Birdseye Maple Custom Snare Drum with Gold Plated Hardware

This is the most collectible snare currently available for sale today! The artistry, history and rarity put this instrument in a class of it's own.
Hand built by Billy Gladstone between 1957and 1959 - allegedly the last snare drum Billy made.
The nameplate reads: "Billy Gladstone Radio City Music Hall". The only other snare to have Billy's name on it was the drum he performed on at Radio City Music Hall.
He performed a drum clinic with this drum at Roy Harte's Drum City in California in 1959!
The drummer from "Canned Heat" ( Frank Clayman Cook ) purchased the snare in 1963 and actually used it on some of the band performances.
In 1993, Liam Mulholland - a noted vintage drum expert, bought the drum from Cook. According to Liam, there was professional restoration on the gold plating during his ownership.
In 2001 the drum was sold to Michael Gilbert and then brokered by Steve Maxwell, who in turn sold it our client, Bryan Niblock in 2012. 
As of today, the drum is in excellent condition. It must be noted, this drum has been played! There is minimal plating issues with the 3-way key, the included gold plated wires, that were restored at some point, had been replaced by modern symphonic wires. Otherwise the legacy has been faithfully and remarkably preserved by all the previous owners! 
This snare drum has a mystique that separates it from all other snares that we have experienced over the 20 years we have been collecting, selling and restoring vintage snares and drum sets. The sound is amazing in orchestral applications, as well as drum set performance. We have currently restored the snare with gut and calf skin heads. When we received the snare it was outfitted with modern snare wires and mylar heads. Both set-ups have incredible resonance and sensitivity at all dynamic levels. The inter-relationship of the 3 ply shell construction, the interior lacquer, the tone control adjustments, all of Billy's innovations, have left us in awe of his mastery of construction,design and tone!  
Our intention is to sell this drum to preserve and promote the great legacy of Billy Gladstone! Included with the snare, is the original snare case and an autographed picture of Billy.
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