The Rarest Snare Drum In the World - Part One

Billy Gladstone 6x14 Birdseye Maple Custom Snare Drum with Gold Plated Hardware
Billy Gladstone Snare Drum
Billy was one of the percussion world's most legendary figures; a masterful snare drum virtuoso, teacher, inventor and master craftsman.
Billy only built just over 50 snare drums, many of which have not survived. His drums were prized possessions for serious drummers both then and now.
This snare is reputed to be the last drum that Billy built. Of the 50 drums he built, only four snares were made with birdseye maple and gold plated hardware. Billy built snare drums for many great drummers including Gene Krupa, Shelly Manne, Ted Reed, Buddy Rich, Cozy Cole, Ray Reilly and Louis Bellson.
His drums are considered the "Holy Grail" of the vintage drum collecting community!

Between 1932-1945 drummers would come from around the world to see and hear Billy perform at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

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Hi Paul or Doug.
I need you to get back to me in regards to this Gladstone piece. ASAP! (647)501-4276. Thank you very much!


Beautiful drum I’d like to own it? What is the price of this beautiful instrument?

Danny Bilan

Wow! That is one amazing drum! Insane that you have it at Sole Drums! What is the estimated value of the drum, and what is it selling for?
Joe : )

Joe Cullen

Paul/Doug, This is truly a masterpiece! It was such an honour to see this in person.
The detail, quality craftsmanship and innovative design regarding the tuning lugs is a testament to the genius of Billy Gladstone.
A wonderful acquisition and addition to the shop collection. I encourage all friends of Soul Drums to see this in person!

Mark Santer

Cool! Can’t think of a better home for such a rare drum than at Souldrums!


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