Headhunters Maple Grooves CCC

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Maple Grooves CCC (Length – 405mm / Diameter – 17.5mm)

The C-series is a drumstick with a short curved taper to the tip. There is a slight taper from the groove mid-point to the butt. The C Series features larger diameters and heavier weights: A solid, and powerful drumstick choice for all drummers who don’t compromise.

Grip Control

Many years ago we dipped our sticks in a rubber compound. Today some of the top drum stick brands use these dips. Due to the health hazards and environmental concerns as well as the overall durability with these dip products, we have moved on. Our new grips are the ultimate in comfort and performance without compromising the connection to the stick. Our unique criss-cross double textured pattern adds a secure comfortable grip that does not wear out. It will outlast all other grips in the market.
Grip Control is available on all of our sticks series. Simply add ‘Grip’ to the model and we will do the rest!