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Protection Racket

Protection Racket Hardware Bag with Wheels

Protection Racket Hardware Bag with Wheels

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Protection Racket Hardware Bag with Wheels

28" X 14" X 10" Hardware Bag W/Wheels

Our hardware cases now come with heavy duty 4x4 wheels that are stronger, more durable and designed for smooth, no wobble transportation. The new retractable handle also makes for easier handling and maneuverability. 

Heavy duty nylon spiral chain, indestructible, shower proof, rot proof! The Stitching Thread: Bonded nylon that doesn't deteriorate and holds the case together even if an area of stitching is breached. Double Stitching: To first complete the wall and two ends separately and then to join them together giving twice the security at the corners and edges for greater protection and durability.

Heavy duty side fitted wheels ensure smooth & effortless transportation. No speed wobble!

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