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Vater American Hickory Jazz Ride

Vater American Hickory Jazz Ride

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Slightly over a 5A in the grip. Long taper to a small teardrop tip for a great ride cymbal sound, response and definition.

"Jazz Ride sticks give me the combination of a light stick and stick full of body. I can swing easily and go right into a funk or rock groove with out having to switch sticks. I've been playing Vater since 1993 and it's been apart of my musical journey." - Jay Williams [Jonathan Butler]

"My relationship with Vater goes back to 1993. In fact I still have Alan’s type written endorsement offer letter! I have never found a better made or better feeling stick, and Vater makes a stick for virtually every situation. They’re also the very best people in the business and I love them all like family. Vater is the greatest. " - Jim Mola [Drummers Collective]
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