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Yamaha DTX6 Series Electronic Drum Set DTX6K-3X

Yamaha DTX6 Series Electronic Drum Set DTX6K-3X

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Yamaha DTX6 Series Electronic Drum Set

Model : DTX6K-3X 5 piece w/ all TCS pads + RHH135 Hi-hat

"A powerful, engaging drumming experience"

The DTX6 Series features the innovative KIT MODIFIER, which sparks creativity and delivers superb performance in a compact configuration.

The original Yamaha TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) head used in the flagship models combines with real sound and ambience recorded in a world-renowned studio to provide an authentic playing experience.

The DTX6 Series is recommended for all drummers who want to have fun, play like a pro and hope to easily transfer their skills to acoustic drums.

Faithfully reproduces real sounds and ambience recorded in world-renowned studios.

  • Create your own unique sounds with AMBIENCE, COMP and EFFECT kit modifier knobs
  • TCS heads help to achieve a pleasing, natural feel and rebound that makes you want to keep playing
  • 3-Zone pads for the snare and ride cymbals that can be choked and muted
  • Ride cymbal equipped with hit point detection function
  • Includes hi-hat stand and snare clamp that utilizes Yamaha system hardware


    Module DTX-PRO
    Pad Snare XP80 (8-inch) TCS head 3-zone pad
    Tom 1, 2 TP70 (7-inch) Rubber head 1-zone pad
    Floor Tom TP70 (7-inch) Rubber head 1-zone pad
    Bass Drum KP90 (7.5-inch) Rubber head with multi-layer cushion
    Hi-Hat RHH135 (13-inch) 2-zone pad
    Crash Cymbal 1 PCY135 (13-inch) 3-zone pad
    Crash Cymbal 2 PCY135 (13-inch) 3-zone pad
    Ride Cymbal PCY135 (13-inch) 3-zone pad
    Hi-Hat Stand HS650A
    Rack System RS6
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